Solved: How to activate Tivo Stream 4k in Canada

Do you face the problem of activating Tivo Stream 4k in Canada?

Worry not, there are two possible solutions to this and you can activate Tivo Stream 4k in Canada without any issue. Try any of them and in the comment section please add which one worked for you. 

I recently bought Tivo Stream 4k from Amazon Canada and found Tivo Stream 4k activation fails in Canada. I contacted their support and after a long call in USA customer care, they said, Tivo Stream 4k is not meant to sell in Canada and they don't know how it been sold in Amazon as it's not an authorized retailer. 

I tried below two methods simultaneously and it worked for me, I believe doing 1st should work and no need to do 2nd. If you are facing issues in activating Tivo Stream 4k in Canada, try them and in the comment please share which one worked for you.

  • You will need a VPN connection in order to activate tivo stream 4k in Canada
  • a friend in the USA having a sling account is also helpful
  1. Connect your phone to USA VPN and create a tivo account with a USA address, doing so it won't ask you sling account linking, if it asks, you need to take your
    • try to connect Tivo Stream 4k to your WiFi router and follow the activation process keeping your mobile phone in USA VPN
  2. if step 1 and 1.1 doesn't work, you need to do some complex thing, you need to make your WiFi into USA VPN I did that by connecting a spare router to Windows 10 laptop and sharing a VPN connection to the LAN and router. This way I made a VPN wifi in my home with which I connected Tivo Stream 4k.
    • Follow the activation process

I feel doing only step 1 should activate your Tivo Stream 4k in Canada. and this method should work for any other country as well.