How to get upto $230 (CAD) airbnb credits / airbnb free coupon codes

One question for every travel freak is to get discounts / Airbnb free coupon codes when you are traveling. Airbnb is a global marketplace to get unique and affordable accommodations worldwide. Have you ever wondered How to get FREE AIRBNB CREDITS?  or How to get Airbnb FREE coupon codes? GIf yes, you have reached the right place.

How to get Airbnb CREDITS / Airbnb coupon codes for FREE?

It is simple. Follow below steps and you will get more than $200 (CAD) as Airbnb credits and with that, you can book accommodation at Airbnb completely FREE.

  1. Create Airbnb account by clicking here or following below link.
  2. Before proceeding for booking Invite your partner using your own invite link and on a creation of Airbnb account by your partner he/ she will get $39 CAD Airbnb credit for free.
  3. Airbnb has an exclusive offer for the business traveler. Simply add your business email/work email in your Airbnb profile and plan your trip. After adding your business/work email you need to book a room worth $98 CAD and you will get whooping $65 CAD coupon on checkout.
    • airbnb free coupon codes for business/work travelers
    • Now you already had $39 CAD in your airbnb credit so technically you just need to pay approx $60 for your first booking and you will get $65 CAD coupon in return.

      airbnb free coupon codes right in mailbox

  4. Ask your partner to add business/work email and update their Airbnb profile and follow the same step as you did (Step 3)
    • On your partner’s first booking you will get $25 as airbnb credit which you can use on your next booking.


So how much did you make in total?

$39 + $39 (your partner account) + $65 + $25 + $65 (your partner account) = $233 CAD by spending just $120 CAD. You will get stay worth $120 too 😉

Start booking airbnb. Happy Traveling 🙂

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