How to Configure Cisco IMC Configuration (CIMC) on CISCO UCS C220 M4

Follow below steps or follow below video to know how to configure CIMC on Cisco UCS C220 M4.

Steps to configure Cisco IMC

  1. Boot UCS C220 M4 machine
  2. Wait for “Screen as below” to select option to configure CIMCUCS_M4_Option_Selection_Screen
  3. Press F8 to select Cisco IMC Configuration (It might take some time or display RAID configuration or boot device screen for couple of time before navigating to CIMC configuration page. Don’t press any keys and simply wait for CIMC password prompt)
  4. While opening it first time – UCS will ask for default CIMC password which is by default set as “password” and prompt to change password.
  5. Enter new password and repeat new password. Press enter and this way you have changed CIMC password on Cisco UCS C220 M4 server.
  6. You will see success message, Enter on OK and proceed to CIMC configuration page.
  7. Below are options to change CIMC configuration
    1. Press “SPACE” to enable / disable any option
    2. Press “F10” to save current configuration
    3. Press “F5” to refresh configuration – usually its useful when changing IP address mode (DHCP or Static)
    4. Press “UP” or “DOWN” arrow keys to navigate to different options
    5. Press “ESC” to exit
  8. In video, you can see how to configure Cisco UCS C220 M4 for Static IP configuration.

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